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About Us


          IC Intensive Property Management Company Limited was established with the objective of on property and community management under intense action in order for the service recipient to receive the best suitable for the community and property value within the framework of laws, regulations and regulations that can make the community coexist happily.

          Nowadays, community changes are fast. whether it is a horizontal or vertical community where needs have changed from the past current community needs The value of the investment is an element of the decision making. Therefore, community management must take into account the value proposition that the owner expects.

          IC Intensive Property Management Company Limited is a gathering of people who have experience working for the community. For more than 20 years, there is a clear common goal of professional community management. To create a quality community, sustainable and the highest satisfaction for the community. By relying on a system that has clear, tangible indicators of work and success. The ultimate goal of the company is to be a proactive management service provider. and a reliable solution consultant.

          Every project at the company has been entrusted to take care of management will be taken care of and managed with care by the same service standards intensively according to the goals and intentions of the company To achieve the highest satisfaction of service recipients and sustainable well-being of the community.


                         IC Intensive Property Management Company Limited

Mission and Vision


Our Promise

“We will perform our duties responsibly. As a service provider and consultant”


  • simple, uncomplicated, tangible

  • adapt to evolution

  • Create the best service within the framework of laws, regulations, social and community policies

  • return benefits to society As a member who has been given the opportunity from society


“Build an efficient workforce to build a quality community”


“Inspire members to create the best service for the community.”



“tangible quality be a good partner have excellent personnel”

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